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Tips to receive end-of-year events

Image of a family with a Christmas Tree

Discover how to impress your tenants during this festive season! Our article is the practical guide for hosts, enabling you to create unforgettable year-end events in your space. Learn how to make each celebration memorable for your guests with our tips.

1. Offer Festive Services: 🎄

Provide festive services for clients, such as the option to rent a Christmas tree, catering services for holiday meals, or include special items in the space rental, such as party accessories (where possible). Native Spaces has a list of service providers for all types of services; feel free to contact us in advance if you wish to hire a professional.


Making yourself at home

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A ready-made venue with lots of space to welcome guests, great service and no need to clean up at the end of the event, if you’re planning a party or an event, you should definitely consider privatising a restaurant or bar. A flexible and convenient way to take the stress out of hosting an event at your home or office, privatising a restaurant or bar can also help you make a great impression on your guests thanks to the unique décor or amenities on offer at your chosen venue.


Everything’s possible with Native Spaces

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As an event organiser, you know that the key to a successful event is hiring the perfect venue where you can bring your guests together for a celebration. As an online marketplace with years of experience in helping customers discover unique spaces, we know that we can help you find that perfect venue thanks to our selection of hand-picked spaces available for rent across the French Riviera.

Whether you’re planning a corporate bash, a destination wedding or a special birthday party,   there’s no better way to take your event to the next level than by hiring a villa in the South of France. Hosting your event in a villa enables you not only to create an atmosphere that best reflects your personality but also to take advantage of any outdoor living space in the grounds so you and your guests can enjoy the Riviera’s year-round sunshine and blue skies.


5 Villas to celebrate a NYE Party

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With the end of the year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about organising this year’s New Year’s Eve party. A great time to get together with friends and family and celebrate the past twelve months, New Year’s Eve is also an opportunity to look ahead and think about any goals or plans you have for the upcoming year.

This year, why not avoid the headache of planning a big celebration at home and think about hiring a party space instead. With spaces ranging from restaurants to beachside villas, hiring a venue not only means more space for your guests, it also means not having to worry about cleaning up the mess the next morning so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself instead.


5 villas to celebrate your birthday party

People celebrating birthday

No matter how old you are, here at Native Spaces, we believe that it’s never too early to start thinking about planning your next birthday party. A time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next 12 months, birthdays are also a great excuse to bring your friends and family together to celebrate with an evening of music, dancing and a slice or two of delicious birthday cake.

Whether you’re planning your own party or want to throw a surprise celebration for a loved one, renting a fabulous villa for the day is the easiest way to celebrate in style. Take the stress out of the party planning by renting a space with an event organiser and avoid the dreaded late night tidy-up by hiring a house with a cleaning crew, by hosting your party in a rental venue, all you have to do is show up and have fun.


5 villas to host a Halloween party

Halloween pumpkins

Now that Autumn is officially here, the spookiest time of the year is just around the corner. A great reason to dress up and get together with friends and family, over the past few years Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve as it was originally known, has become a popular holiday in France with kids of all ages celebrating with Halloween parades, parties and more.

Although Halloween might not be a traditional French custom, the Riviera’s Mediterranean climate and  international appeal means it’s the ideal spot to celebrate the most frightening holiday of the year. With a wide range of spaces available to rent up and down the coast from creepy countryside venues to freaky farms or horrible haunted houses, this year promises to be your best Halloween party yet.


6 Tips To Host A Perfect Boat Party

Catamaran in the sea

Would you like to organise a party on a boat but don't know where to start? Let Native Spaces help you with some tips to help you plan your event without the clutter.

Boat parties are great for both corporate and private events.

In order to have a wonderful evening, it is essential to plan everything in advance.

Here are 6 essential tips for organising your event on a boat: