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Our Thrilling Adventure with the BBC

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✨The beginning✨

Within the team at Native Spaces, we take immense pride in sharing an extraordinary journey that recently took us behind the scenes of the Rugby World Cup, alongside the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This is a tale that commences with a shared passion for rugby, exceptional locales, and the celebration of local culture.


Meet our hosts: Raphaëlle

Raphaëlle's Space

🎙️ Tell us about yourself …

I am a life and career coach. I grew up mainly in Paris, but my family is from Nice. I worked most of the time in England, in London. And before I was a coach, I worked in finance, aviation and private banking. You can check my villa here.


Meet our hosts: Jonathan

Jonathan's Space

🎙️ Tell us about you …

My name is Jonathan Morris and I am American. I’ve been living in France for 31 years. You can check my villa here.


Meet our hosts: Samir

Samir's space

🎙️ Tell us about yourself

I am Samir Chouikha, I live in Cagne-Sur-Mer and I have been renting my house for five years.


Meet our hosts: Luna

Luna's Place

🎙️ Tell us about yourself...

We are originally from Paris, we arrived in the south of France when I was 4 years old and we bought this place in 2002. It was an abandoned agricultural wasteland and it was my aunt who made this place what it is today: a permaculture farm.


Meet our hosts: Sabrina

Sabrina's Space

🎙️ Tell us about yourself...

I grew up in a family with diverse origins: Malagasy, Hindu, Catalan and English. I have been in love with the south since I was a child and moved there in 2008. I love helping people, which is why I am a nurse.


It's Time to Talk


As a property owner on the French Riviera, you are in a very privileged position when it comes to rental success. The region's venues are always in demand and are among the most sought-after locations for event organisers.

Whether it's chic city centre flats, luxury villas or atypical properties such as art galleries or lofts, renting out your space on a short-term basis is a great way to make your property work for you.


Spotlight On : Tsveta


SpotLight On : Mélanie