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Planning Your French Riviera Wedding

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Why Choose the French Riviera for your big day

One of the most significant moments in your life as a couple, planning your wedding is also one of the most exciting. A day to bring together your friends and family to celebrate your love for one another, with its glorious sunshine, picture-perfect scenery and wide range of venues available for hire, the French Riviera will be the perfect backdrop to your wedding ceremony.


6 Tips To Host A Perfect Boat Party

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Would you like to organise a party on a boat but don't know where to start? Let Native Spaces help you with some tips to help you plan your event without the clutter.

Boat parties are great for both corporate and private events.

In order to have a wonderful evening, it is essential to plan everything in advance.

Here are 6 essential tips for organising your event on a boat:


Where to organise your retreats and off-sites

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With our day-to-day lives becoming increasingly busy and our stress levels on the rise, there’s never been a better time to disconnect. While it’s not always easy to find time for your physical and mental well-being, stepping away from your routine to take a moment to relax and unwind has been proven to be one of the best ways to improve your emotional well-being.


How to organise a photo shoot or video-shoot

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Lights, Camera, Action

While photo and movie shoots may look glamorous from the outside, here at Native Spaces we know that they also require a lot of prep and planning. From booking the perfect venue to casting actors and models, setting up equipment and keeping everybody on schedule as much as possible, there are lots of factors to consider to make sure everything runs smoothly once you get on set.


How to organise sustainable events

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With more and more companies focusing on their environmental impact and their corporate sustainability goals, plus the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, over the last 2 years a shift has taken place within the events industry. Instead of organising large-scale events in exotic locations, companies and individuals are increasingly choosing a more sustainable model by holding smaller or hybrid events and hiring local venues to reduce both their carbon footprint and that of their guests.


5 Most Romantic Spaces on the French Riviera

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Love is in the air here on the French Riviera 💕

While Paris might be known as the city of love, with its breathtaking scenery, stunning coastline and golden light, the French Riviera is a destination for lovers. A fascinating mix of modernity and tradition, the French Riviera is the perfect spot to celebrate a special moment with your favourite person. Famous for its glamorous beach resorts, colourful cities and charming hilltop villages, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love on the French Riviera, so with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, where better to hire a venue for an extra special celebration.


Vive La Rentrée It’s Time to Reconnect

Vive La Rentrée Vive La Rentrée

As the summer season starts to draw to a close and Covid restrictions are lifted across Europe, it’s time to look ahead and start getting yourself ready for la rentrée. Officially the start of the new academic year in France, la rentrée is also a chance to reset and start afresh by getting back into your regular routine, kickstarting a new project or setting yourself some long-term goals for the coming months.