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What is Native Spaces?

Native Spaces is an online market place for people to discover, book and list unique spaces (venues) for special events and experiences, from birthday dinners and weddings to board meetings and company off-sites. Each space listed on the Native Spaces platform is carefully selected by our team.

We also provide a selection of trusted event service suppliers to make the event planning experience complete.

Why Native Spaces does what it does?

Native Spaces strives to create a platform for event organizers to easily discover one-of-a-kind spaces while providing space owners an opportunity to generate additional revenue and, at the same time, making the entire process transparent and hassle free for both parties.

How does Native Spaces work?

Native Spaces connects hosts of beautiful unique spaces with people looking for venues to organize special events, from birthday dinners and weddings to board meetings and company off-sites. We also provide a selection of carefully selected services suppliers to make your planning experience complete.

Native Spaces allows you to search through available spaces using extensive searching criteria to find a perfect place according to your budget, number of guests, amenities, etc. you require. As soon as you find the space you love, you can message the owner and/or request a quote, compare the quotes of different hosts as well as confirm the booking and make the payment online.

Do I pay to use Native Spaces?

It is completely free to sign up, search and book with Native Spaces. We remunerate ourselves only by charging space hosts a small fee for providing them with the infrastructure to find clients, manage and process online bookings.

How does Native Spaces work for hosts (space owners)?

Hosts can feature their space(s), free of charge, by filling in a simple form to provide basic information about the space (type of events, amenities, location, photos) and submitting it for a review.

After your space is approved, it becomes available for booking. You will then be able to receive requests, message clients and send quotes through our platform. After the booking is confirmed, the client is charged the deposit and you will automatically get paid on the day of the event, minus the commission. Native Spaces will guarantee a safe payment process for bookings made through our web-site.

How/when do I get paid?

Native Spaces works with Stripe, a secure international payment system, to process online payments. Native Spaces takes care of all payment charges, so there is no charge for you whatsoever for this service. Once your space goes live online, you will receive a link to enter your bank account details. If you haven't received a link and you are a current space host please contact our team.

At the time of booking, Native Spaces collects the deposit amount from the event organizer (according to the deposit percentage you have requested). This is when the booking is confirmed. The money is held in “Escrow” account (a safe intermediary account) until the day of your event. The remaining booking payment amount is automatically requested from the organizer 3 weeks before the event and again paid into the “Escrow” account. Once the event has happened, the funds (payments) will be transferred directly from the “Escrow” account to your account.

What is the difference between a quote and an invoice?

A quote is a proposal sent by venue hosts to event organizers, which can be accepted by entering the payment information, which guarantees the space booking.

An invoice is a proposal requested by business clients in order to make the payment from a business account. It can be generated on Native Spaces after booking a space and it is based on the information provided in the original quote as well as specific information required by the business.

How can I get a refund?

If the event is cancelled, Native Spaces will refund you according to the cancellation policy of the host.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have developed 3 cancellation policies to fit various space requirements. They state the maximum period in which an event organiser can cancel and get a refund for any service fees (see below). The percentages indicate a refunded portion of the total amount for the rental / booking and not the amount paid as deposit.

Please, note that payment processing fees (which are c. 5%) are non-refundable in any cancellation policy and will be retained by Native Spaces (e.g. if the refund is 50%, the space provider will get 45% and Native Spaces will retain 5% for processing the payment).

Cancellation policies: