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Special for hosts

How to Optimize Your Listing and Attract More Relevant Bookings

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Are you looking to maximize your bookings on Native Spaces and attract clients who are the perfect fit for your venue? In this post, we'll explore five key areas where you can optimize your listing to increase visibility and relevance.

Special for hosts

Tips to receive end-of-year events

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Discover how to impress your tenants during this festive season! Our article is the practical guide for hosts, enabling you to create unforgettable year-end events in your space. Learn how to make each celebration memorable for your guests with our tips.

1. Offer Festive Services: 🎄

Provide festive services for clients, such as the option to rent a Christmas tree, catering services for holiday meals, or include special items in the space rental, such as party accessories (where possible). Native Spaces has a list of service providers for all types of services; feel free to contact us in advance if you wish to hire a professional.

Special for hosts

Tips for Making Your Property "Kids Friendly"

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Spending time with family and friends is precious, and there's nothing like the joy of seeing kids have fun safely during private events. Whether it's a birthday party, a neighborhood gathering, or a simple get-together, making your property "kids friendly" can make a huge difference. In this article, we will explore various ideas and tips for creating a welcoming environment for children during your special events.