Meet our hosts: Raphaëlle

Raphaëlle's Space

🎙️ Tell us about yourself …

I am a life and career coach. I grew up mainly in Paris, but my family is from Nice. I worked most of the time in England, in London. And before I was a coach, I worked in finance, aviation and private banking. You can check my villa here.

🎈 Why Native Spaces?

Native Spaces was a pretty natural choice because firstly, it's a local start-up. And we like to develop, but also work with local partners. And the second point is that I called and got you on the phone right away. There was a lot of discussion about how we could promote the space.

🏡 What do you expect from your experience as a host?

We realised that there weren't many options in the area. And for us, what's most important is to offer a space where people can really develop their creativity and connect within the team. We are not very far from Monaco, but at the same time we are in the middle of nature, it's very quiet. And we have a lot of activities available to break up the work sessions. There's the swimming pool, table football, petanque, sauna, darts and lots of other things.

💚 What does being a host mean to you?

For me, being a host is, in a way, participating in the culture of nomadism at work. It's a part of our culture that is very important. And we like to entertain, so it was a very natural choice.

🤔 What is the difference between Native Spaces and other platforms?

Native Spaces is a local partner. It has a human approach because you really have someone on the phone who you can ask questions to. We are not just seen as a space that fits into a predefined framework of what people are looking for.

✨ Advice for future hosts?

What I find interesting is that today there is a real paradigm shift in the world of work. There is more and more demand for corporate events in atypical spaces like mine and many others. Everyone can do it and is legitimate to offer something different. And what's really important is to want to entertain in your space.

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