Client Stories - Lauren

Client Stories - Lauren

How it all started…✨

One of the most important moments in a couple's life is surely the organisation of their wedding. The reception venue is essential as it will be associated with all the memories of the wedding. It is therefore essential that the couple feels comfortable there and that the atmosphere is pleasant for them and their guests.

Native Spaces assists couples in finding the ideal venue to celebrate their love thanks to its knowledge of the event market, both for the unusual venues on the French Riviera and for the quality service providers working there.

That's why Lauren came to us when she needed to find a venue to host her loved ones the day after her wedding.

🛥️ Why Lauren chose Native Spaces 🛥️

Lauren's plan from England was to gather her closest family and friends to continue celebrating her wedding the day after the ceremony before everyone flew back to England.

When the bride contacted us, she was looking for an unconventional, relaxing space in Cannes where she could gather her and her husband's loved ones.

Lauren chose to go through Native Spaces, attracted by its network of unusual venues for festive events.

💚 How did Native Spaces respond? 💚

Native Spaces first asked Lauren to list all of her expectations and her idea of how the day would go.

We suggested a number of venues but she quickly decided on a unique Catamaran for a sunny day's cruise.

We then helped her to find the additional services such as the caterer or the DJ on the boat.

🎈 The Native Spaces Magic 🎈

The Native Spaces team allowed the newlyweds to enjoy a magical day on a boat where they could enjoy music and food with their guests.