Meet our hosts: Samir

Samir's space

🎙️ Tell us about yourself

I am Samir Chouikha, I live in Cagne-Sur-Mer and I have been renting my house for five years.

📢 Where did you hear about Native Spaces?

First of all, I heard about Native Spaces on the internet, I had seen advertisements on social networks, then on Google by typing "pool rental" and by chance, I was contacted by the Native Spaces team. I liked the pitch and I thought why not rent out my outdoor space by quickly registering via their online platform.

🏡 Why did you decide to rent your space?

I decided to rent out my outdoor space because I saw that there was a potential to organise events such as birthdays, baptisms and even photo shoots. I'm very proud of my venue, it's pretty great for events. There's a lot of greenery and a pool available. So I thought, why not me? I have a nice space that can be monetised and I think that's great.

💚 What does being a host mean to you?

For me, it's being a good listener, trying to put everything in place so that your guest has a good time. Because you can rent a beautiful place, but if we are not there, if we are not listening to the customer, I think it can't work.

🎈What do you think of Native Spaces?

My view of Native Spaces is quite positive. The whole team listens to its hosts. There is a strong reactivity. What makes the difference with other online platforms is that Native Spaces goes back to basics, with real people who can be present on site. This is something that we see less and less since everything is done online now and it's true that it feels good.

Check out the full interview here and book Samir's space for your event.