Client Stories - Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants

Client Stories - CJD

How it all began...

Many entrepreneurs and companies, both local and national, are looking for exceptional locations in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur to organize their team building and training days. They want to benefit from an atypical setting conducive to concentration. At Native Spaces, we have the largest network of event venues in the region, and in-depth expertise of the local market.

So, to find a venue for their training weekends, CJD turned to us.

Why did CJD choose Native Spaces?

When CJD approached us, their objective was to find a suitable venue for their monthly two-day training sessions, each of which brought together 12 participants. We were faced with the challenge of creating an enriching experience combining work and a change of scenery.

To meet their specific needs, we had to overcome three main challenges. Firstly, we had to find a venue that would encourage concentration and creativity, while providing a stimulating training environment. Secondly, we had to provide on-site accommodation with separate rooms to ensure the comfort and privacy of each participant. Finally, catering was a crucial aspect, as Gary and his group wanted to concentrate fully on their event without worrying about meals.

How did Native Spaces react?

Rather than proposing a traditional solution, we quickly identified a charming and atypical domain near Nice. This choice proved to be perfectly suited to their needs. It offered an ideal working environment, conducive to concentration and learning, while at the same time providing a real break from the daily grind.

What's more, the venue offered individual rooms for each participant, satisfying their desire for comfort and privacy during their stay. A full catering service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) was also available on site, enabling the group to enjoy their training to the full without worrying about the logistical aspects.

The magic of Native Spaces...

The group of entrepreneurs was enchanted by the domaine, which offered them the ideal environment to collaborate, connect and celebrate together.

"A successful training course in a crazy setting, which gave us a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Everyone was absolutely delighted."