Congresses in Cannes are a must

View of The Palais des Festivals à Cannes

Throughout the year, the city of Cannes hosts some of the world's largest conventions and cultural events such as ILTM, the Cannes Film Festival, MIPIM, Cannes Lions, Tax Free, and many more. Key players from all over the world come to the South of France to promote their industries while networking under the glorious sun of the French Riviera.

Bringing together professionals from all sectors from film to fashion, yachts to real estate, Cannes is a prime location for events. Large conventions are the perfect opportunity to organize private events such as cocktail parties or dinners to promote your brand and strengthen your network.

However, finding the right space can be difficult. That's where Native Spaces comes in.


With their in-depth knowledge of the Cannes market, their expertise in finding extraordinary venues, their strong network of hosts and providers, and their personalized assistance, Native Spaces can help you find and book the right event spaces you want to organize in conjunction with multiple conventions.


Cover picture "Client Stories"

Native Spaces has had the privilege of working with an impressive list of high profile clients. From world-renowned brands such as Twitch, Four Seasons and Nikki Beach to emerging companies, Native Spaces has organized side events at Cannes. Native has helped these clients find the perfect venue to make their event unforgettable.

2.1. Client story - Cannes Lions (Adidas)

Adidas chose a modern, fully-equipped villa from Native Spaces to house their team throughout the Cannes Lions Festival. They also organized roundtable discussions with their partners, a barbecue for 50 people and a breakfast for their clients and prospects. Native Spaces also helped Adidas to find electric bikes for their trips from the Palais des Festivals, as well as a quality caterer for their event.

2.2. Client story - ILTM (Four seasons)

Four Seasons chose a villa presented by our team, despite the fact that it was a bit different from what they were looking for for their event. The floral theme was highlighted in an enchanting atmosphere, transforming the venue into a pink floral paradise.

2.3. Client story - ILTM (Nikki Beach)

We suggested to Nikki Beach a 300 m² loft in Cannes, close to the Croisette, to accommodate their team and organize a dinner for 50 people. This space perfectly met their requirements. Thanks to Native Spaces, Nikki Beach Spain was able to offer a unique experience to their guests during their four-day stay on the French Riviera.


To help you choose the right space for you and your brand, we've put together a short list of our five favorite spaces type to celebrate your event in Cannes.

3.1. Appartement

Apartment with view on Le Palais des Festivals

Apartment in La Croisette is the ideal place to hold your meetings and small networking events right opposite the Palais des Festivals. Thanks to its proximity, you'll have a strategic location to make your business meetings even more efficient and practical...

3.2. Loft

Cozy Apartment

The coziest city-center locations are those that offer the best setting for meeting your best customers in a relaxed atmosphere, to spend productive time.

3.3. Boats

Catamaran in the sea

For a memorable side event in Cannes, there's nothing like a boat. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the French Riviera while sailing the sparkling waters, with indoor and outdoor space options for year-round events. This is an ideal option for those looking for an original experience surrounded by the sea.

3.4. Art Gallery

Art Gallery

It's in the heart of an art gallery that we let our emotions flow... Immerse your guests in a refined cultural atmosphere, combining art with an unforgettable experience.

3.5. Villa

Luxury villa

Renting a villa is a luxurious and exclusive option for your Cannes convention side event. With spacious gardens, pools and elegant spaces, you can enjoy privacy and exclusivity to celebrate your event. Some villas offer high-end amenities such as Jacuzzis, private movie rooms and private chef services.

3.6. Restaurant

Indoor cosy-chic restaurant

Opt for a restaurant during the Cannes conventions if you are a food lover. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, restaurants can be a great option for a business meal. In addition, many restaurants offer private rooms or reserved areas for events, so you can enjoy a pleasant venue without having to worry about the kitchen.

3.7. Rooftop

Table set up on a rooftop with sea views

Host your Cannes event on a rooftop for a breathtaking view of the city and a chic atmosphere. Rooftops offer lounge areas, elegant bars and sometimes even pools with spectacular panoramic views, to enjoy an urban sunset and a trendy atmosphere with your guests.

3.8. Private beach

Private beach restaurant

Host your Cannes convention side event on a private beach for a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Enjoy your feet in the sand, the waves in the background and a spectacular sunset. Private beaches often offer water activities, tropical cocktails and a bohemian summer atmosphere for an outdoor experience.