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Client Stories - Forbes

Client Stories - Forbes

✨How it all began...✨

Forbes has commissioned Native Spaces to find the perfect venue to host the prestigious event "2023 Forbes World's Most Influential CMOs." This annual event is an awards lunch bringing together the world's most influential CMOs according to Forbes.

☀️Why Forbes chose Native Spaces ?☀️

This year, the growing number of guests made it impossible to hold the event in the usual venues. It was therefore imperative to find a new location that could accommodate all participants in comfort, especially given the summer heat, and provide separate spaces for the cocktail networking, sit-down dining, the awards ceremony and the interviews, all in close proximity to the Palais des Festivals.

💚How did Native Spaces respond?💚

We started researching the options available on our platform. We first considered rooftops, but due to heat concerns, none of these options made the cut. Restaurants turned out to be either too small or too far away.

In the end, we had to turn to places we'd never worked with before. This is how we discovered the grand salon of a famous Croisette hotel. This emblematic venue offered the necessary space to welcome all participants in pleasant conditions. What's more, its central location made it easily accessible for participants.

We also offered them our specialist partners for their printing and decoration needs, as well as audiovisual equipment.

🎈The magic of Native Spaces...🎈

According to Forbes, everyone who attended the World's Most Influential CMOs was enchanted by the venue, which provided the perfect environment for them to connect and celebrate together. The unique and intimate environment helped create an unforgettable event.

It has been a pleasure to work together over the past few months. I can't express how grateful we are to you for helping us successfully navigate Cannes. It was one of the highlights of the year!

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