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Give us an introduction about yourself ?

I am a shareholder in a real estate agency with French partners. Our office is in the old town of Nice, on the Cours Saleya. I am in a partnership with French professionals for the legal side of the business. We have 10 different nationalities of agents to maximize the performance of the company, and have good offerings throughout all of the Côte d’Azur. We do Sales, have a premium selection of properties, and also provide relocation consulting. The company offers services for holiday rentals, that’s how they cooperate with Native Spaces. We listed several villas on the platform so they can be rented for events.

How you got started with Native Spaces ? Why did you decide to host events in your property ?

I had been discussing the project with Tanya for a long time before we actually made it happen. I have a consulting background and I strongly believe a company should have a diversified portfolio of services to grow. It also gives opportunities to the company’s clients to generate income through their properties and increase their revenues.

At the end of the day, diversifying your activity by renting a property for events serves the purpose of all parties: your clients and yourself, as a company owner, are happy because you have business coming in. It’s a win-win on both sides.

Your property is very popular on Native Spaces, why do you think that is ?

Every villa has its unique features, if you know the client’s needs you can make a good connection and propose different properties. Villas are popular because unique for shootings, company events, presentations. Very affordable within budget, very clean. Good quality for good price. Have big events.

What is the most common question you receive from clients?

Clients enquire about the noise. Especially for the villas that are situated within a neighborhood. They are worried about police claims. I always tell my clients that they are still responsible for the property during the rental, and that they should maintain good neighborhood practices. As a host for events, you need to be intelligently choosing the events you accept on your property so you can keep with this activity long term.

If not a secret, how much can you make during a typical weekend by renting your house on Native Spaces?

It depends, in the villas that we rent on Native Spaces, 1000 euros for a weekend is the lowest rental price. Price can go up to 10,000 euros for other properties.

What kinds of events have you already hosted?

We usually have lots of family events in the villas: weddings, christenings, engagement parties, holiday celebrations, even retirement parties. On the professional side, mostly board meetings and product presentations.

Please give us some feedback, why Native Spaces? What differentiates us from the other websites? How has your experience been with our team? Are you satisfied with the collaboration?

I really appreciate the open dialogue, I believe it is very beneficial for both sides.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a new Native Spaces host?

My number one advice would be: don’t be scared to rent your place for events! If you arrange your relationship with the event organizers beforehand properly it’s gonna be OK. We have events happening constantly in the properties we manage and and everything is very well managed. Participating in an event is very meaningful. People will remember your property on an emotional level. To the owners who are afraid that events could be going out of hand in their properties (usage of drugs for example) I say: “Be very strict with the lessees!”. If we get a call from the police, their deposit will not be returned. It always does the trick, no one has ever found better discipline than when money is involved!

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