How to write your listing's profile

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As the owner of an event space, your aim is to make sure that you connect with as many potential clients as possible online. But with so many venues available to rent, it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd which is where Native Spaces comes in. We know that one of the best ways of marketing your venue to future guests is by creating an eye-catching on-line profile to let your target audience know just why your space is unique.


The title of your venue profile is the first thing your potential clients will see so it needs to catch the eye but it also needs to be short and sweet to optimise your content for SEO purposes. We recommend using about 50-60 characters or 8 words for title tags so you’ll want to briefly mention the main features of your venue while keeping the important key words at the beginning of the title so future guests don’t miss them while browsing.


Once you’ve got your title down, it’s time to create your profile and although it might be tempting to write a novel all about your venue, by keeping it succinct, you actually have much more chance of attracting new customers. Just like an online dating profile, you want to accentuate the positives of your space without repeating the information shown in the venue form so when it comes to creating your profile summary, keeping it concise is definitely the way to go.


To help you start writing your venue profile, the first thing you need to do is define just who your target audience is. If you’re hoping to mainly host weddings and parties, you’ll definitely want to mention things like guest capacity, photo locations, noise guidelines etc but if you’re planning to concentrate on corporate events, your profile should probably mention amenities such as WIFI access and video/audio equipment for use during speeches and presentations etc.


With the target audience for your profile in mind, you’ll want to sell your venue by telling future guests the story of the space and its unique position on the market. Start with the elements that set your venue apart from the competition, either because it’s an unconventional space, is set in a sought-after location or because it has an amazing array of amenities that will make the big day memorable for both the host and their guests.


To allow your future customers to project their own ideas onto the space and design the event of their dream, you’ll also want to talk about the venue’s layout. Key features to mention are how your venue is set up, whether there is one big living area or multiple spaces which can be configured according to guest requirements, how many restrooms are onsite and of course which areas will be off-limits to guests during the event.

Finally to round off your profile, you’ll need to describe the venue’s various practical elements to help future guests and event planners decide whether your space is suitable for their event. Useful information to mention includes the venue location, how to access the property, whether you have onsite parking for guests, guest capacity both indoors and out plus a quick outline of any services or amenities you provide during events.

While you only get one chance to make a first impression, we believe that there’s no better way to attract new customers than with a stand-out venue title and profile. To find out more about how to put together the perfect title and summary for your space or to chat with the Native Spaces team about how best to optimise your venue profile, simply click here to contact us today.