Meet our hosts: Jonathan

Jonathan's Space

🎙️ Tell us about you …

My name is Jonathan Morris and I am American. I’ve been living in France for 31 years. You can check my villa here.

🎈 Where have you heard about Native Spaces?

I first heard of Native Spaces through the husband of Tanya (who runs Native Spaces) and I liked the fact that it is a local business here, on the Côte d’Azur, I think it is great to work with the locals from the French Riviera.

🏡 Why did you decide to rent your space?

I actually realised for myself that I appreciate my own home when there are people here. My space is the type of place that needs a lot of life.

🍾 What type of events have you already hosted in your house?

I’ve had weddings, 30th birthday parties, 40th birthday parties, and 50th birthday parties. I’ve had wedding anniversaries, baptisms, and business reunions like team-building events.

💚 What did you think it means to be a host?

I used to be a tour guide so I do enjoy entertaining people. So when I welcome you into my home, I don’t just say, come on in and I take off. I do take pleasure in first of all showing off my house because I am very proud of this place. And you know when people talk about people people ? I am a people person.

🤔 Your opinion on Native Spaces?

Very happy. As I mentioned earlier I like the fact that Native Spaces is a local business. I think it inspires confidence as a renter.

Any advice for future hosts?

Do it! Why not? Since I signed up with Native Spaces. I’ve had plenty, plenty of demands. So yes I highly recommend it. Support your local business.

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