5 tips to create a standout profile

Villa with pool and sea view

Sharing your home for events has become a trendy phenomenon in the real estate market. This new way of hosting events has opened up a world of possibilities for space owners looking to monetise their properties and increase their revenue.

Your aim is to make sure that you connect with as many potential clients as possible online. But with so many venues available to rent, it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd which is where Native Spaces comes in. We know that one of the best ways of marketing your venue to future guests is by creating an eye-catching on-line profile to let your target audience know just why your space is unique.

So here is our guide with 5 tips to successfully design your rental ad and attract people looking for unique experiences:

1. Title and description: To help you start writing your venue profile, the first thing you need to do is define just who your target audience is. Don't hesitate to highlight what makes your property special. You’ll want to sell your venue by telling future guests the story of the space and its unique position on the market. Take the time to tailor your ad to all types of events that may be held in your space.

2. Photos: Create amazing pictures! Use a mix of close-up and wide shots of all the usable spaces in your venue. If you are lucky enough to have a great view from your house or a swimming pool, showcase it! Focus on outdoor spaces or common indoor spaces.

Indoor swimming pool

3. Pricing strategy: Check the rates applied to the different spaces available on Native Spaces and discover our pricing tool here

4. Booking process: Respond quickly to organisers and accept as many booking requests as possible.

5. Schedule: Keep your schedule updated. With our technology you can control how and when organisers can book your space.