Client stories - Twitch

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✨ How it all started... ✨

In June 2022, Native Spaces, the online marketplace where event organisers can discover and book unique spaces, helped Twitch, the famous interactive live streaming service to organise their side event to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

👾 Twitch's Wishlist 👾

Twitch first addressed us what was their event about but also their list of needs via our contact form on our website They needed a place where they could organise a lunch, some presentations and an offsite during Cannes Lions festival of Creativity. But they also needed catering, audio-visual, and technical service providers.

Thanks to our wide network of service providers, we were able to answer all their needs and they ultimately chose us.

🎈 Native Spaces' Magic 🎈

Our goal these days is to have more and more corporate events organised via our so we were thrilled to accept this really interesting request from Twitch.

We put them in touch with our most trusted service providers and helped them arrange their event.

We successfully ticked all the boxes Twitch needed and their corporate event went amazingly well.

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Twitch team even send us flowers and chocolates to the office to thank us for our work and added a small card