The Language of Flowers: How to Choose the Flowers for Your Next Event

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If you are curious to find out the meaning behind a few of the most popular flowers and how you can interpret them in various events and occasions, read on to find out my take on the matter. To be honest with you - I just love flowers, they make everything better - from room decorations to meaningful gifts. If you feel the same way, you will probably further find yourself in the next few paragraphs. I will share a few of my favorite flowers, their meanings and some alternative advise on when are they best to be used or offered as a gift.

Birds of Paradise or Crane Flowers

birds of paradise crane flower

As this beautiful and exotic South African flower resembles a tropical bird, it bares the name of Birds of Paradise or Crane Flower. It is symbolically connected with joyfulness, magnificence and paradise itself. Typically it is used to indicate anticipation and excitement.

The symbolism behind the flower immediately makes me think of events that suggest new beginnings. Even though, the flower could be a bit extravagant, I think it can add some deeper symbolism in a wedding decor, representing the anticipation of sharing a life together. I believe it can be a very meaningful accompaniment for a baby shower gift as it symbolizes joy and excitement of welcoming a new member to the family. Last but not least, strictly for it’s paradise like look, the flower would be perfect for tropical themed parties or photo shoots.


This very French flower, I would say, is named after the person who was in charge of the Royal Gardens in Paris during the rule of Louis XIII , Charles Bouvard. It symbolizes enthusiasm and represents the joy of life.

I associate it with delicate beauty and joyful events. With its symbolism it is no surprise that it is commonly used for wedding bouquets or decorations. I can clearly see it going well with events in a historical building or in old and vintage spaces - book readings, recitals, classical concerts, photoshoots where Bouvardia can give joyfulness to the monumental character of the spaces. Another great application would be spring-summer boho themed parties, product launch events or even offsites.


lilac flower light purple

Often neglected, as it is quite common as a flower, the Lilac is actually very special. According to the Greek mythology, the god of the forests Pan, captivated the beauty of one of the most magnificent and alluring nymphs Syringa and created the Lilac flower. While it is famous for it’s highly pleasing aroma, few people know that the Lilac also has deep symbolisme behind it. It represents youthful innocence and confidence although the different colors add another layer in the meaning - the white lilac symbolizes humility and innocence, the field lilac symbolizes charity and the purple lilac symbolizes first love.

With its symbolism of innocence, I think it would be perfect gift on a first date representing the purity of intentions. Additional bonus is that it's quite durable as a flower and its aroma can last for days, which will unconsciously pushing your date to think of you everytime he/she smells the flowers - increasing your chances of a second date.

In my opinion, lilacs can be an amazing decoration for corporate meetings or events as aromatherapy specialist confirm its positive benefits to the overall mood leading to increased levels of creativity. Flowers, in general, have very positive impact on office environments as they purify the air and fight stress.


white orchid flower

No doubt one of the most popular and loved flowers, the Orchid is a symbolizes grace, beauty but also strength of character.

I believe it's the perfect gift for occasions and holidays that celebrate women such as Mother's day, National Women's Day or personal occasions like Baby showers. In another way, it can be a great way to acknowledge women's achievements - graduations, career development or any other personal accomplishments one might have. To go even further Orchids can be very meaningful decoration at all women owned businesses.

Even though the symbolism behind the Orchid is concentrated on femininity, the beauty and godly aroma of the flower, give it a lot more room opportunities to shine. Apart from wedding bouquets and decorations, Orchids are great for all sorts of classy and chic events - trade shows for luxury goods, high end parties or well put together corporate events.


light pink tulips bouquet

In my opinion, Tulips are common but very much loved. Curiously enough, they have a interesting journey before coming to Europe in the XVIth century. Tulips originally come from the middle East. They are commonly used as a declaration of love.

Tulips bring light and color, joyfulness and warmth so they can be a game changer for casual business meeting and events. Apart from the gesture of putting attention to the little things, flower ornaments in business events shorten the distance between the parties and set a more relaxed mood in the corporate environment.

I believe Tulips are also amazing for cocktail parties because they don’t require much space, they are budget friendly in comparison with some of the other flowers on the list and in general give a well put together look through simplicity.

Last but not least Tulips are used as a declaration of love, apart from the obvious to be gifted on dates, Valentine's Day and anniversaries, you can gift Tulips for no occasion but the love towards your loved one. Surprise flowers can make someone's day.

Useful flower tip for the guys in our Native Spaces community:

If you feel confused in the flower shop, please keep in mind that most women, me including, would gladly receive any of the flowers in this list.

Yana, The Native Spaces community guru