Client stories

Client Stories - The Torque Rally

Client Stories - The Torque Rally

✨ How It All Began... ✨

The Torque Rally, a prestigious luxury car event organiser, contacted us because, with only two weeks to go before their flagship event, they were in a hurry to organise a brunch for their drivers and entourage before the start of the rally in Cannes.

🏎️ Why The Torque Rally Chose Native Spaces 🏎️

They needed a venue near Cannes that could accommodate 20 cars on outdoor display, as well as a brunch for 40 people, all in a pleasant setting.

Faced with this demanding requirement and a tight deadline, Torque Rally needed a quick and efficient solution to find the perfect venue. They wanted a space that would not only meet their practical needs, but also create an exceptional ambience in keeping with the prestige of their event.

That's where Native Spaces came in. Our reputation as specialists in unique event venues tailored to each client caught their attention and our responsiveness reassured them.

💚 Native Spaces' Response 💚

In response to Torque Rally's request, we immediately looked for the most appropriate options. We created a list of proposals. Of our 5 options, two venues in particular caught their attention: the Collège International de Cannes and the Park Mougins. Both had the necessary features to accommodate the cars and guests while providing a memorable experience.

🎈 The Magic of Native Spaces 🎈

In the end, Torque Rally chose the Park Mougins, an estate with a number of different areas and an outdoor area surrounded by lush vegetation just outside Cannes.

The luxury cars were laid out in one of the many outdoor areas, while the guests enjoyed brunch in a room overlooking the grounds. Guests had a great time before the start of the rally.

Villa in Mougins