Client Stories - Dior

Client Stories - Dior

✨How It All Began...✨

Dior is an internationally renowned brand in the fashion and beauty industry. When they contacted us, their project was to promote their line of perfumes. For this purpose, they aimed to organize an exclusive event that would showcase their image of luxury and elegance.

☀️Why Did Dior Choose Native Spaces?☀️

We possess the largest network of unique event spaces in Cannes, along with an in-depth knowledge of the local market. That's why Dior turned to us when they needed to find a venue to bring together 20 top-tier influencers for a sneak peek presentation of the products from their new perfume line.

Dior required an exceptional venue, with a spacious outdoor area to accommodate the 20 influencers and allow them to showcase the products. The venue also needed to offer lunch facilities, as well as a swimming pool for an afternoon of relaxation and entertainment. It had to reflect the luxury and prestige associated with the Dior brand.

💚How Did Native Spaces Respond?💚

Our team carefully selected a variety of venues that met Dior's requirements. We presented a range of options, from lavish villas to exclusive cruise boats. Each location had its own unique appeal, from panoramic sea views to peaceful surroundings in the heart of nature. Among our selection, a villa in the heart of a park classified as a historic monument particularly caught their attention

In the end, Dior chose an exceptional villa nestled within a historically classified park. The villa offered a spacious garden embellished with marble columns and a swimming pool, creating an atmosphere worthy of the brand. This unique location was in perfect harmony with the image of luxury and elegance that Dior wanted to project.

🎈The Magic of Native Spaces...🎈

The event was a resounding success. The 20 influencers were welcomed to this splendid setting with an outdoor yoga class, followed by a gourmet lunch beneath the villa's majestic columns. The afternoon continued around the pool, providing the influencers with an opportunity to unwind while enjoying carefully organized leisure activities.

Villa for Dior event

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