Plan an Event during with Tax Free in Cannes

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The Tax Free World Exhibition, the global trade fair for duty-free products, brings together an international audience passionate about the luxury and exclusive products industry to Cannes every year. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity not only to attend the exhibition but also to organize an event alongside the congress.

Here's how to make the most of this unique opportunity to strengthen your market presence and increase your business opportunities:

1. Choose the Right Timing:

Before diving into planning your event, make sure to pick the right timing. The Tax Free period is intense, with numerous exhibitors and visitors coming from all over the world. Try to select a date that does not overlap with the peak moments of the exhibition but still allows for maximum participation.

2. Invite the Right People:

Target guests who are relevant to your brand and can positively influence your business. This may include existing clients, prospects, potential partners, industry influencers, and media representatives. Ensure clear communication about the event and confirm attendance in advance for smooth organization.

3. Create a Memorable Experience:

Provide your guests with a memorable and unique experience that will leave a lasting impression. Be creative with the decorations, entertainment, and venue selection. Cannes offers a multitude of incredible places to host your event, from luxury hotels to upscale restaurants, private beaches, and villas.

Additionally, at Native Spaces, we have in-depth knowledge of the Cannes market and offer a wide range of unique venues for your event.

4. Seize Networking Opportunities:

Your event in conjunction with Tax Free is the perfect opportunity to establish strong connections with your guests. Encourage informal exchanges, facilitate interactions among participants, and create an environment conducive to authentic conversations. Networking in a more relaxed setting can be a powerful way to strengthen professional relationships and open new doors.

5. Promote Your Event:

Promote your secondary event through social media, email, or other marketing channels to ensure your guests are aware of the event and excited to attend.

By following these tips, you can successfully plan an event in conjunction with Tax Free in Cannes. Remember to stay organized but also have fun!