Meet our hosts: Luna

Luna's Place

🎙️ Tell us about yourself...

We are originally from Paris, we arrived in the south of France when I was 4 years old and we bought this place in 2002. It was an abandoned agricultural wasteland and it was my aunt who made this place what it is today: a permaculture farm.

🏡 What is the idea behind your space?

The idea is that people can be on the Côte d'Azur, but at the same time outside. To feel completely elsewhere without necessarily going far, to find themselves in another atmosphere. The idea of this place was to be able to gather the whole family in one place and, as a result, we wanted to share this with our clients, our friends and our colleagues. It's a space where we wanted to create a community.

💚 What does being a host mean to you?

Being a host for us means welcoming people and being able to show them how we live in permaculture. To show them that it's going from a city life to a much more rural life. It's being able to introduce people to what we could call the slow life, eating from the garden and living in the middle of nature with less impact while living in great comfort.

🎈 Why Native Spaces?

I think it's because we're a family business now and we didn't necessarily want to be present on a lot of web platforms because we already have our own customers. On the other hand, we wanted to push privatisation and to make our space known for corporate events or yoga retreats for example. Our aim was to give the place a plurality. I think it's also the offer of Native Spaces, which remains quite upmarket and which corresponds well to what we propose here.

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