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Native Spaces in Riviera Insider's Special Issue on Real Estate

We are very proud to have Native Spaces featured in Riviera Insider’s special issue on Real Estate! In an exclusive interview, founder and CEO, Tanya Bencheva, explains how she came up with the idea to start an events technology business on the French Riviera, specialized in unique spaces.

As a newcomer expat in France, Tanya experienced first-hand the need to connect with the local community and businesses. As she explored the region through activities and social gatherings, she realized a lot of beautiful properties were closed to the public or underutilized. That’s how she came up with the idea for Native Spaces, a platform that could help get value out of these spaces, generate extra cash for the owners and make creative venues available to everyone. Startup life is a grind, even under the comforting sun of the French Riviera.

The Native Spaces team is always on the go, looking for unique spaces to add on the platform and working hard to provide a business class service to its customers.

Read the full article to learn more about us and how we thrive to serve you:

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You can read the full magazine issue here.