Renting Out Your Property For Events!

If you own a house or apartment and you’re looking for a way to monetise your property without having to move out for weeks at a time, renting out your home for special events might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. A great way to make your home work for you while making a little extra cash, renting out your house or outdoor space as an event venue has never been so easy.

The main advantage of renting your house out as an event venue rather than a holiday home is the control you have over who uses your space. By renting your property by the hour, day, night or weekend you can set your own rules and regulations, choose the type of events you want to host and even limit the number of guests you allow on-site at any one time by using our handy guide to calculating event capacity.


Another bonus of renting your home out for private events is that you can set your own rental rates depending on the type of event you’re hosting. Unlike holiday rental fees, event rental rates are usually set on a sliding scale based on the number of guests invited, the amount of time the guests spend at your property and the type of event the venue is being used for.

Day rates for private event rentals on the French Riviera start at around 300€/day for a family home like this gorgeous property in Chateauneuf-Grasse and can go up to 50 000€/day for luxury properties like this spectacular modern villa during the summer or when the congress season is underway. To find out more about how to price your property, don’t forget to check out our post on deciding pricing packages for special events.

Renting your home as a special event venue also offers the possibility of filling up your booking calendar on a year-round basis rather than just during the traditional holiday periods. Once the summer rush dies down and the low season starts up again, why not put your home to work by renting it out with Native Spaces during weekends or even during the week to ensure you maximise your earning potential.


Once you decide to start renting out your home, you’ll be able to decide just how much or how little of your property your guests will have access to. While your home may be your castle, don’t forget that if you plan on hosting large-scale weddings and parties, you will need to provide onsite amenities such as toilets and kitchen facilities for guests, caterers and service providers.

To ensure that the events you host run smoothly, we can offer an onsite representative who will be on your property throughout the rental. Acting as venue manager on your behalf, the onsite representative will be on hand to remind your guests about following your house rules and to oversee any service providers such as cleaners and/or security guards during the rental.

When it comes to deciding what type of events you’d like to host at your home, the choice is completely up to you. If you have lots of outdoor space, you might prefer to rent your space as a location for weddings, birthday parties, yoga retreats or corporate events whereas a stylish apartment will be more in demand for photo shoots, ad campaigns or as a private dining venue.

From large-scale celebrations to business meetings and wellness getaways, increasing demand for unique event venues means you will be able to pick and choose the events you want to host. Whether you want to focus on daytime events only or you prefer to rent out your property during the evening while you’re out on the town, it’s entirely up to you.

Whether you decide to rent out your property by the hour or by the day, there are certain factors to consider before you start hosting. To help you get started determining the event capacity and rental rates for your home, we’ve put together a quick checklist of things to keep in mind once you decide to take the plunge:


Once you’ve covered all the bases and you’re ready to get started with renting out your property for special events, it’s time to let us do the heavy lifting. With Native Spaces, you don’t need to know how to handle quotes and invoices or deal with online payments as we’re here to help. Our online platform allows you to receive requests, message clients and send tailor made quotes so you can personalize each and every rental contract to best fit your rules and requirements.

Create your quote in just a few clicks and once the booking is confirmed, receive online payments easily and securely on the day of the event. (For more information about how our payment system works simply click here.) To keep your income safe, we guarantee payment with every booking confirmation and all rental fees will be held securely in your Stripe host account giving you total peace of mind with every booking.

To register your space as an event venue with us, completely free of charge simply click here. If you have any questions or need any more information before signing up, you can contact the Native Spaces team here.